App Blaster site developmentObjective: front-end web development  based on created design project using HTML/SASS/JS.

Inputs: project of design created in Photoshop.

Deadline: 10 days.

Development of this website require the speedy creation of site structure and strict compliance metrics in accordance with the design of the project.

Responsive layout for all device types – is necessary.

In addition, the customer need was the animation of the missile flies.

The work was interesting, fast and get an interesting result.

About App Blaster: App Blaster was developed by app developers for app developers, with the goal of providing only the highest quality users. They control a network of hundreds of social media accounts targeting teens and young adults, with close to a billion total followers. App Blaster leverages these channels to boost apps to the top of the ranking charts by generating an immediate rush of genuinely interested users to download those apps.